Critical Structures, Inc. has a long heritage of preserving historic structures. It’s a passion – blending the art and science of structural engineering with history! We love to climb in and about historic structures to determine materials, systems and condition and to see where those before us have gone with design and construction.

We have experience with essentially all historic and archaic building materials, elements, and structural systems.

We understand the importance of designing retrofits and repairs that are sensitive to historic-defining features. We consider strengths which may be inherent in existing elements, systems or configurations. We have prepared many retrofit designs which are strategic and almost surgical in nature, improving seismic life safety to occupants and the historic structure’s lifespan without using a conservative heavy-handed engineering approach.

When you hire us to help you with your historic structure, you are hiring the right structural engineers whom provide perceptive and insightful troubleshooting and quick problem solving.

We look forward to working with You!